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We provide full house clearance and office clearance services for your domestic and commercial waste disposal management. Our most popular house clearance services include: skip hire, household rubbish clearance, garage clearance, garden clearance, loft, basement and office clearance.

Domestic Waste Removal: The home clearance services that you benefit from directly fall under domestic waste removal. Includes household waste of all types including paper trash, kitchen garbage and the like. Apart from household waste, waste created in warehouses, animal sheds and other properties that often occur within residential premises are collected by these workers.

Commercial Waste Removal: A wide variety of cases fall under the category of commercial services. Wastes generated in shops and offices need regular clearance in order to allow smooth running of business in these establishments. Shopping malls collect a large amount of garbage that needs to be disposed on a regular basis. In many cases, such mall owners are unable to regulate clearance without the help of such contractors who attend to debris cleaning as frequent as twice or thrice everyday. Buildings under construction also pile up a great deal of concrete waste. Removal of such debris is a difficult task and may need special picks and equipment to fully clean the area. Professional contractors undertake complete waste removal which can be arranged on a daily or weekly basis.

Fly Tipping: Flies can be irritable especially when a house or office room is air conditioned. These usually come in from the gardens and surrounding landscapes and are a pain during removal. Workers possess the expertise and equipment required to tip these flies. As flies are always found near garbage disposals, it is easier for these workers to detect and get rid of them from your premises.

Garden and Garage Waste: Other than household and commercial wastes, you can also hire separate services that clear out the garden or garage waste on a weekly or daily basis.


If you live in the UK there are plenty of house clearance companies you can use.  Before you call a house clearance company you will need to know roughly how much stuff you have that needs to be cleared.  An easy way to do this is to visualise a standard skip and decide whether you have enough stuff to fill, a skip or even more than one.  It doesn’t matter if you are little bit out as most house clearance companies will just need a rough idea.

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WARNING – Identity theft is on the rise in the UK so when you are clearing unwanted items make sure that any confidential documents are treated carefully.  Some clearance companies will offer a secure shredding service for a small fee.  Also make sure you do not dispose of documents you may need at a later date.


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